Better business practice

Judgment-free awareness raising

Change research indicates that anything you pay attention to will change. We're so confident in these findings that we believe an audit is—in itself—a step toward a more sustainable business.

If you ask us to audit your business, Slow Farm Director Phil Stevens will give you frank and honest feedback, and he'll make our comments comprehensive within the agreed scope of the audit. He'll also include suggestions of what you might change, including some actions that are relatively easy and affordable. We trust you'll use this information in the way you think best.

You choose what to make public

If you choose a Slow Farm audit, we'll provide you with a confidential report. You may choose to make all or part of this report public for your own purposes.

If we think you're a star when it comes to energy, you're welcome to quote us. If we think you've wasted some easy opportunities to reduce your material consumption, go ahead and share the ways you're now committing to improve your practice.

We simply ask that, when you reference our work, you do so in a way that reflects the spirit and integrity of our findings and advice.