We live what we teach

At Slow Farm, Phil only teaches subjects he loves so much that he's putting them into action within his own life, passing on the training and expertise he's received through his own mentors together with the experience he's developed along the way,

Sustainable living

  • Introduction to biochar making
  • Soil care and approaches to composting
  • Backyard chook basics and advanced poultry care
  • Small herb gardens for wellness
  • Build your own herb spiral
  • Foraging
  • Pruning fruit and nut trees
  • Scything
  • Permaculture design*
  • Additional topics by negotiation

* Permaculture design: From 2015-2020, Slow Farm offered permaculture design courses through RECAP, generally co-leading the course with support from additional specialist instructors. We encourage those interested in Slow Farm instruction to contact RECAP and ask to join their mailing list. We also welcome co-instruction within courses coordinated by others.